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An ICTP post-doc position on regional climate models has been announced. The work is about regional climate models, with focus on the euro-cordex domain.

The post-doc fellow will perform and analyze regional climate simulations with the RegCM model for the EURO-CORDEX domain. These simulations have to be provided to the COPERNICUS program in order to contribute to the assessment of the impacts of climate change over Europe and the Mediterranean.

The post-doc fellow will work in the ESP section of ICTP under the direct supervision of Filippo Giorgi head of the section and Cosimo Solidoro OGS as tutor. The position is opened for one year and is renewable up to 4 years. The deadline for application is 25th August 2017.

See the attached file for more details.

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Fecha de publicación: Thu Jul 27 19:42:00 CEST 2017