Seminari: “Statistical characterization of the sea breeze physical mechanisms in the three main basins of the Mallorca island”, a càrrec d'Antoni Grau

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El proper dimarts 9 de gener n'Antoni Grau Ferrer, estudiant del Programa de Doctorat de Física, presenta el seminari titulat “Statistical characterization of the sea breeze physical mechanisms in the three main basins of the Mallorca island”.

Resum del seminari: The physical mechanisms that take place under sea-breeze (SB) conditions in the island of Mallorca (western Mediterranean Sea) are analysed through the inspection of data from automatic weather stations (AWS) from the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET) during the period 2009–2022. Hourly satellite-derived land-surface and sea-surface temperatures (LST and SST, respectively) are used to compute the surface temperature difference (LST–SST) in the three main basins. Besides, a method (Grau et al, 2020) is taken to select the SB events in the three main basins using data from AWS during the warm months of the year (from April to September). Results from the statistical analysis of the selected SB events show that the ranges of the temperature difference change in the three main basins pointing to the presence of other physical mechanisms in the setup of the sea breeze in each basin. For instance, it is explored the role of the large-scale winds, the influence of the shape of the basin in the propagation of the SB front and the vertical temperature gradient (T850hPa – LST). It is found that there are differences in the SB features of the three basins (maximum wind speed, initiation and duration of the SB) and SB conditions that are not simultaneously met in the three basins. For a particular basin, the SB interacts with the already present locally- generated winds within the same basin but also with the SB generated in the other basins.  

La presentació és a les 16:30 h a la Sala de seminaris del 3r pis del Departament de Física (Edifici Mateu Orfila i Rotger).

Fecha de publicación: 09/01/2024

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