Seminari: “Toward a better understanding of Processes leading to Extreme Rainfall Events in the Western Mediterranean”, a càrrec d'Yseut Anne Cybele

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El proper 29 de novembre Yseut Anne Cybele Bahuet presenta el seminari titulat “Toward a better understanding of Processes leading to Extreme Rainfall Events in the Western Mediterranean”. A continuació un resum de la presentació:

Extreme rainfall events are a major concern for present and future societies, as they often lead to significant impacts such as loss of lives, infrastructures damages, and regional business losses, for example in agriculture and tourism. Those impacts can have medium to long term effects that affect the daily life of the population, for example by cutting access to energy and transportation. The water vapor pressure at which there is a thermodynamic equilibrium between water vapor and liquid water increases with temperature. Thus, in a warmer context, we expect more intense extreme rainfall events at global scales because of the increased water available in the atmosphere. However, global warming also alters the large-scale circulation through the expansion of the Hadley cell. This produces a shift in the areas of subsidence and the storm tracks. In the Western Mediterranean region, rain events are influenced by the presence of the Azores high-pressure system, the shifting of which may counteract thermodynamic effects of climate change on rainfall potential. The Western Mediterranean region is one of a few where the projections ran by different models don’t agree on the sign of change of heavy rainfalls intensity and frequency. In this presentation, we will explore past-present extreme rainfalls characteristics and the underlying mechanisms in Western Mediterranean. To do so, we explore characteristics of midlatitude cyclones that have been shown in the literature to coincide with 80% of extreme rainfalls. We will also discuss the validity of the data used for our study: atmospheric data from the regional model WRF, and a new open-source dataset of cyclone tracks of the Mediterranean region (1979- 2020) based on atmospheric reanalysis data ERA5.      


La presentació serà el dimecres 29 de novembre de 2023 a les 12:00 h a la Sala de Seminaris del 3r pis del Mateu Orfila.

Fecha de publicación: 29/11/2023

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